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COVID - 19

 *Due to COVID-19 Concerns The Following Changes Have Been Implemented*

  • Tax Collector
    • The Tax Collector's Office at 4377 S. County Tr. will be closed until further notice. 
    • Call 401-364-9963 to reach the Tax Collector.
  • Station Access
    • No visitors will be allowed in the fire stations, or on, or near, the apparatus.  
    • These areas are for Charlestown Fire District personnel only.
  • Inspections
    • Smoke detector inspections will only be conducted one on one with the inspector or by the inspector only.  
    • The inspector will have the right to refuse an inspection based on their observance at the site.
  • Meetings
    • The Board of Engineers has altered its meeting schedule and format in response to the COVID - 19 emergency and orders from the Governor of R.I.
    • Emergency Meeting - April 8, 2020

CFD FINAL AGENDA April 8 2020 Emergency meeting

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