Burning Permits

The Charlestown Fire District allows open burning, with permission, as per the guidelines set by the State of RI Department of Environmental Management and the Charlestown Fire District. This permission can only be extended to residential homeowners and not commercial operations. The material burned must be clean wood or light vegetation and no materials can be burned for demolition or disposal purposes. Open burning, with permission, must be done during times of good atmospheric conditions and such fires must be contained in such a manner that they do not cause noxious emissions upon the property of others. Any fire unattended or not contained in a proper manner will be cause for the fire to be extinguished regardless if a permit had been issued. All fires must be attended while they are burning and must be completely extinguished and wet down when done.

The Fire District requires that all persons wishing to burn, obtain permission prior to burning regardless of weather conditions, time of year, or the size of the fire. In this way the dispatcher will have a record of the burning permit and this will reduce the possibility of apparatus being dispatched to what is a permit fire. To obtain a burning permit, or inquire about the regulations, contact the Fire Chief at 401-641-1488. If the Chief is unavailable, contact the dispatch center at 401-364-1212 and request to contact, or be contacted by, other fire officers who can assist you.

To view or download the complete Charlestown Fire District Open Burning Guidelines follow the link below.

CFD Open Burning Guidelines