Tax Collector - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect my Charlestown Fire District tax bill to arrive in my mail?

  • The CFD budget is approved at our annual meeting in August. Once updated property assessments from the Town of Charlestown are received and a tax rate is set based on the approved budget, the tax bills are printed and mailed in September.

How many installments or bills are sent each year?

  • The Charlestown Fire District issues a single annual tax bill each year. The annual bill is due on October 31 of each year. Any unpaid balances are then assessed at 12% per year starting on Nov. 1.

Aren't my fire taxes included in my Town of Charlestown tax bill?

  • No the Town of Charlestown property taxes pay for many services, but fire protection is provided by the Charlestown Fire District or the Dunns Corner Fire Deptartment depending on where you live in Charlestown.

We are planning on selling our home and need to get an up-to-date amount due for our Charlestown Fire District taxes.

  • Any property owner can check the status of their tax payments, print a current copy of their tax bill along with any interest due, and send payments to satisfy past due amounts. Please see the Online Tax Account Information page on our site for more detailed information.