Tax Collector

The tax collectors office is administered by a part time tax collector and assistant. Because of this part time staffing, calls to the office are directed to an answering machine. When leaving a message please follow the prompts, leaving your contact information and the reason you are calling. Your call will be returned by the tax collector.

The tax collectors office is located at 4377 South County Trail, Charlestown, at the rear of the fire station on the first floor. Please call or email ahead of time to setup an appointment to meet with the Tax Collector. Again this is a part time position and the tax collector is in the office for a very limited number of hours each week.

Many tax office inquiries are full of details (account number, property address, etc.) and can be handled with more accuracy via email. We would encourage you to email the tax collector as a first step.

To contact the tax collectors office, by emailing: or by phone please call (401) 364-9963.

To check the status of your fire tax account, locate your account number listed on any of your recent Charlestown Fire Tax bills.

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Charlestown Fire District”

  3. Enter the Account #, Example # 19-0103-01

  4. Across the top, there are tabs, Transaction History, Online Documents, Make a Payment. The system will default to “Make a Payment”.

  5. To view the Tax Bill, click on “Online Documents” and select the Tax Roll you wish to view; to see your previous payments, please click on the “Transaction History” tab.

Once logged in you will see the Home page for your account.

The Transaction History will show all taxes due, payments, and credits.

The Online Documents will show recent Tax Bills and allow you to print a copy if necessary.

Please be sure to Logout when before leaving the site.